Monday, 8 August 2011

The Lakeland 100....and the winner is... :)

Okay I admit it, I'm pants at keeping my blog up to date in the summer months. Its just I like to get out and play when summer time is here and yep I've been playing alot. So I have an awful lot to catch up on, which I'll do in a few subsequent blogs. But whilst I am here I may as well add a bit of meaning to my subject headline.
Yep I had the privilege of going up to spectate the Lakeland 100 with my running friend Tracy to show some support for our mutual running friend Gaynor Prior. We also had the duty to try and bring her back in one piece or at least the pieces in one bag as her significant other was working in you do. And what a treat it was. The race was very well organised and it has to be one of the best Ultra's in the UK at present. I don't really class myself as an ultra runner but I do admit that I did leave with a thought about 2012 and entry forms...ha.
Well there's not much point me writing about the event when the first Lady and new record holder Mrs Gaynor Prior has now started her own blog page and has covered it all in wonderful detail. The site is called "shoeaholics guide to running", hopefully the link is below:
Gaynor is also the lady who won and smashed the record at Caesar's Camp last year. So if you are interested  in following her random running world just subscribe. I promise she'll be far more prolific with her writing than me and no doubt very informative.

Right I'd better get my arse into gear and start writing a catch up post, which will no doubt have lots of photo's.

Toodlepips for now.